IMPCO Technologies http://www.impco.ws/index.asp agreed to sell us their 07 Chevrolet Silverado certified dual-fuel truck. The truck is being sold without its' original high pressure tank. They have offered to help with the installation of two Lincoln Composite cylinders. Together IMPCO and Lincoln Composite are  helping  us build a much needed refueling truck. Although the trucks main purpose will be to pull our trailer,  it will also demonstrate a more practical application of CNG.
 Even though  a refueling truck will take some of the pressure off the  infrastructure shortfalls,  we are more interested in getting refueling support along the route. The more people that participate in our journey the greater its'  overall success. The number one challenge for the  trip will be fueling our CNG tanks.  The two tanks mounted in the trunk of the GTO will hold 14 gasoline gallon equilivants.  This means we have a range of approximately 140 miles between fillups.  Check out our home page to see the sizable gaps we have to bridge between Texas and Los Angeles.  We need friends along the way who can help refuel us. Contact us if you think you can help in your area.

Compressor Option
Natural Gas is abundant across the country.  The hard part is finding the gas compressed so that it fills our tanks.  One solution we are evaluating is obtaining our own compressor for the trip. This would allow us to plug in the compressor attach it to any natural gas source and compress the gas into our tanks on the spot.  The challenge is finding the right size compressor that is balanced between size and speed. An overnight fill with a Phill www.fuelmaker.com each time we need it isnt going to work. Call us if you have a solution to this option.

Tom Sewell of Tulsa Gas Technologies has come to the rescue. Tom has developed a High Capacity lightweight CNG Trailer
www.tulsagastech.com/trailer.htm he is planning on refueling us in Texas. Tom is also helping us develop our own refueling CNG truck for emergency use on the drive. This CNG truck will be our tow vehicle for the trailer.    

  Route 66 Goat Gas

News and Events

up coming events

The GtO will be in the wide track warriors pontiac club car show in Kissimmee, FL   Feb 27th

Barbers Motorsports park has ok a photo OPPORTUNITY to shoot some video of the CNG GTO as it takes on the 2.38 mile track with 17 flowing turns.

The GTO will BE on Display in the talladega Super speedway Musuem the week of April 19th. This is the week leading up to the aaron's 499 race.

Bridgestone has invited us to attend Barrett Jackson in Orange County, CA. We are working with Barrett Jackson to make their show the official "A Drive to Inspire" kickoff. June 25, 2010.

The Pontiac oakland club international (POCI) has invited us to their annual convention  july 6-10 in charleston, west virginia.


Bridgestone Tires has invited us to display our GTO with their new Ecopia EP100 green tires at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, January 18th through the 24th, 2010. We will update our facebook through out the show.

Phoenix Energy cng tank installation complete!
The installation of the two Luxfer Tanks are complete now and we
want to extend a huge thanks to Steve and his crew for not only
a great professional job on the tanks but for a very informative
video to go along with it.  Please support Steve and give him an
opportunity to help you with your CNG projects!

Birmingham News
Chech out this fantastic article about Mark and Libby leading the way with  their CNG fleet with The Airport Express, Inc.
It's written by Roy Williams and Mark Bentley of Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition is quoted also.


We just added a blog to track and report our progress.

TriPower Carb Setup

This is huge news!! We just got pictures of the carbs for the GTO See them below.

We have partnered with IMPCO www.impco.ws to build the CNG carb setup to retain the original tri power setup of the 66 GOAT.

Monster Artist New Zealand
The art for our cross country tshirt has been commissioned www.palmonsterart.co.nz/ and is FINISHED!!  We are so happy to have our official artwork because it establishes the indentity of this trip. The art sums up the attitude, excitement, fun, and frivolity of the spirit of the trip.  You can miss Goat Fink on the front of our web site.
For our faithful followers and the sicko gearheads out there please note the amazing details captured in this masterpiece that we have copyrighted.
  Huge CNG cylinder strapped on Goat Finks Back
CNG Regulator on the wrist feeding the tricarb setup.
IMPCO custom tricarb natural gas aspiration.
Route 66 license plate to denote the goal...or bust.
Oil Derrick Buster Tattoo on the shoulder.
Natural Gas Flames shooting out of the exhaust.
Perfectly detailed 66 GTO, beautiful unique grill and
even the correct black vinyl black top, and oh! the CragarSS.

We cannot fully express our appreciation to Lindsay and Daniel Powell for their tremendous contribution to our efforts.  Being a bunch of knuckleheads we pushed the limits of graciousness and realize that now.  Thank you both for your patience with us.
Please support their business if you can, they are both fantastic to work with!!

This is Rat Fink. Goat Fink is just as badddddddddddddddddd!! 

Pal Monster Art is incredibly happy about being associated with your project on CNG and are designing various original options re GTO and goat fink possibilities from our small operation in Auckland New Zealand, so watch this space.


Lindsay and Danny Powell.  PMA. 

Certified CNG Installer
IMPCO has graciously agreed to train Mark and certify him to install the CNG conversion kit that we will be running in the GTO.  We feel like knowing how to repair anything on the road will be a huge advantage.
For do-it-yourselfers we won't really have an adventure if we dont get to turn a wrench along the way.

A Drive to Inspire


Energy Independence it’s here, it’s now, and it’s a gas...

   We are a couple of Birmingham guys who got fed up with the stranglehold foreign oil has on this country and decided to do something about it. Together we converted a beautiful 1966 Tri-Carb GTO to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and hatched a plan to drive it across Route 66. We are attempting to set the record for the first CNG Car to complete the 2200 miles of Route 66. The main purpose of our campaign “A Drive to Inspire” is to engage everyday Americans in the energy independence movement. Our car is a great example of what Americans can do when they put their minds to it. We consider our country’s energy independence and the jobs it would create, to be the single greatest issue before us today. In a nut shell, we are trying to help move America down the road towards energy independence and have a little fun.

   Our GTO has received national attention from Wired magazine http://www.wired.com/autopia/2009/10/cng_1966gto/ and USA Today http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2010/01/cng-powered-pontiac-gto-to-tackle-route-66/1?POE=click-refer.  Bridgestone invited us to display the GTO at the Scottsdale’s Barrett Jackson Auction this year. SpeedTV did a nice feature on our CNG car at the auction. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=104972926194873 The GTO has been posted on many websites including Chesapeake Energy’s web page http://www.cngnow.com/EN-US/Vehicles/SpecialtyApplications/Pages/1966PontiacGTO.aspx

The dates of “A Drive to Inspire” are listed on our website. www.route66goatgas.com

   We have been granted permission to showcase our CNG GTO on the Barber Motorsports Track. The first CNG GTO on Barber’s Track is a great way to introduce our campaign to Birmingham. The GTO will be on display during the Indy Grand Prix at Barber’s Track and the Aaron's 499 race at Talladega. The GTO will be on display at Barrett Jackson, Orange County in May prior to our journey across Route 66.


Mark McConville

Keith Barfield 

205 533-5442

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