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The record breaking first attempt began as an experiment by two knuckleheads Mark McConville and Keith Barfield. The two friends noticed that there was a alternative to power exising vehicles with a conversion kit utilizing compressed natural gas. Mark runs The Airport Express
( ) shuttle service between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta GA and when gas prices soared he vowed to do something good about it. He flew to California and brought back his first CNG powered van to shuttle passengers between Birmingham and Atlanta.

Based on Marks trip across the country to bring home his van he began to realize the wonderful experience of Route 66 that was no longer enjoyed by Americans because of horrendous gasoline prices. Even though NO infrastructure or filling stations exist for a dedicated CNG crossing of the Mother Road the challenge became captivating. It will take the best planning, resources, and efforts of friends across the country to make this dream come true.

Join us on this adventure and stay tuned to our website to track the planning, progress, stories, trip and celebration if we make it.

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 Letters of Inspiration

My husband and I were just looking at your website and was reading about your Route 66 trip.  sounds like a blast and we would love to
extend our invitation to you. We own a small  motel on Route 66 in Chelsea, Oklahoma.  it's about halfway between Tulsa, Ok and Joplin, MO.
if you happen to be coming through in the evening and need a room, we would be honored to put you up for the night. My husband has always been into muscle cars and he would just love to visit with you. If you need anything while your are traveling through our area don't hesitate to call us.



I’d like to copy what you guys did to your 66.  I’ll give you full credit on the design. 


I’m running a 66 tri power on my tired 67 400.  I saw the video on facebook, perfect timing, I was adding up the materials to build a 455 for my GTO and then I saw the video. 


I was going to set it up to run on 87 octane gas, but we have CNG refueling stations in Phoenix.  That would be perfect!



Keith and Mark's Journey

  Our enthusiasm for cars initially brought us together and continues to take our friendship down the road today. We first met in Montgomery, Alabama in 1985. Keith was working as an accountant and I was station at Maxwell AFB. Keith owned a beautiful 1966 Mercedes Benz 220s. He had spent several years restoring the car back to it’s original crème color. Keith brought the first of his five children home from the hospital in that car. Keith decided to sell the car to make room for two other muscle cars he had recently bought. I found the car listed in the local paper and decided to check it out. Keith and I hit it off immediately and a friendship began. Needless to say I ended up buying Keith’s Mercedes. We kept in touch over the years even though our lives took different paths. When I started an airport shuttle business, I asked Keith to become our accountant. Several years later, Keith started his own firm and asked me to follow him and I became his first client.  Keith now partners the second largest accounting firm in Birmingham and has been written up in many publications such as the Wall Street Journal. The car is long gone but a friendship still remains.

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