Route 66 Goat Gas

Preserving the Planet with Clean Natural Gas

  Welcome to the website of the first alternative fuel muscle car to drive 2,400 miles across Route 66.  We're  just a couple of knuckleheads who modified their 1966 Pontiac GTO (Goat) to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

  Our goal is to highlight  the use of alternative fuels towards eliminating our dependency on foreign oil.   We  also created a CNG refueling truck for use in between the scant CNG stations.  Along with our GTO we had three other CNG vehicles in our caravan. Our Chevrolet Silverado CNG refueling truck, IMPCO's CNG Ford F150,  and Altech-Eco's CNG Ford Fusion.  

  We believe that American produced CNG is an immediate bridge to future alternative fuels which can be enjoy today and  simultaneously support America's economy.  The Drive to Inspire was designed to lift the spirits and raise the collective consciousness of the citizens of America and remind them of our wonderful heritage of muscle cars, Route 66, adventure, sightseeing, vacationing and tire smoking fun. 

  We collaborated  with CNG Outfitters, CNG producers, CNG providers, ecologist, Clean Cities initiatives, hot rod enthusiasts, auto afficianados, adventurers, and friends to facilitate mutual support, recognition, and the exchanging of ideas to reclaim our American heritage of fun times with fun cars.  We work to encourage a thriving network of individuals who want to see the greatness of the "ROAD TRIP" returned without the guilt of sending our fuel money out of America. 

  We facilitate classes, lectures, appearances, and exhibits in an effort to reclaim the fun for all citizens of America. Our website strives to unleash the creativity and American innovation potential of every follower to help us make this happen!

We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors. Give us a call anytime, or just email us. Our  cardoors are always open.

American Muscle powered by American Fuel

  A "Drive to Inspire" Invitation

We invite all who wish to share in a worthwhile adventure to join us this year on Route 66. Our idea is to create  an annual  Drive to Inspire  to highlight the need for energy independence and the rich history of Route 66. This drive is open to all alternative fuel types, so bring your vision of energy independence and take the drive with us.  We would like to hear your thoughts on how we can gain participation and make this drive a success. CNG currently holds the record for the first alternative vehicle to complete Route 66, this  record was made to be broken.  We plan to have lots of fun, raise a little awareness, and maybe even inspire a few people.
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